Career Planning For Students

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Five Steps to Career Planning

Step Title
Step 1: Reflection and Self-Evaluation 
The first step in career planning should be to gather information about yourself to assist in making a decision about a career. 
Step 2: Exploration
The second step in career planning is to explore and research your options. Exploring takes your self-assessment a step further by looking at your personal interests, skills, values, and work-life needs and narrowing down areas of possibilities.
Step 3: Decision-Making and Goal Setting
After having completed your self-assessment and explored your options you should be ready to make some career decisions. The question now is how you will decide.
Step 4: Gaining Experience
Career related experience can help you develop the skills, abilities and knowledge to solidify your career goals.
Step 5: Implementation 
This is the step in the process where you implement what you have learned and move forward towards a new job or more advanced education. You should also continue to evaluate your options and make adjustments as needed.